WordPad is a basic word processor that is included in Windows. A word processor is a computer program that you can use to create, edit, view and print documents. With WordPad, you can type letters, reports and other simple documents. You can also change how the text looks, quickly move sentences and paragraphs around, and copy and paste text within and between documents.

Activating WordPad on Windows 7:
  1. Press the Windows key, navigate to all programs with the up arrow.
  2. Press the right arrow once and navigate to accessories with the down arrow.
  3. Select WordPad, then press Enter Gclub.
  4. Check whether the WordPad window is maximized.
  5. To maximize the window press Alt + Space bar and navigate to menu options.
  6. Select Maximize and press Enter.
  7. If the window is already maximized, the option of Maximize is unavailable in the menu options.
  8. Press Esc to exit from the menu options.

Assigning WordPad to the Desktop
  1. Press the Windows key and use the up arrow to navigate to the All Programs sub menu.
  2. Arrow to the right and navigate to Accessories.
  3. Using the down arrow navigate to WordPad, make sure WordPad is selected.
  4. Press the application key.
  5. Using up arrow select “send to sub menu”, then navigate to “desktop create shortcut”.
  6. Press Enter.
  7. Press Windows key + M to go to the desktop.
  8. Press S to locate the shortcut for WordPad, then press Enter to open the application.

WordPad basic command keys
  • F1 or Alt + Y, opens the help window for WordPad. Ibl in xp only f1 works /ibl
  • Control + R aligns text to the right.
  • Control + J justifies the text.
  • Control + E centres the text.
  • Control + L aligns text to the left.
  • Control + Home takes you to the top of the document.
  • Control + End takes you to the end of the document.
  • Home takes you to the beginning of the line.
  • End takes you to the end of the line.
  • Page Up moves up to the beginning of the document in larger increments.
  • Page Down moves down to the end of the document in larger increments.
  • Control + Right arrow moves forward word by word.
  • Control + Left arrow moves back word by word.
  • Right arrow moves forward character by character.
  • Left arrow moves back character by character.
  • Up arrow moves up line by line.
  • Down arrow moves down line by line.
  • Delete deletes a character to the right.
  • Backspace deletes a character to the left.
  • Control + Backspace deletes a word to the left.
  • Alt + F opens the file menu option.
  • Alt + V opens the view menu option.
  • Alt + H opens the help menu option.
  • Alt + F4 closes the WordPad application.
  • Alt + Space bar opens the system menu option.
  • Control + A selects the whole document.
  • Control + X cuts and moves the selected text.
  • Control + C copies selected text to clipboard.
  • Control + V pastes selected text from the clipboard.
  • Control + Z undoes previous action.
  • Control + F activates the find search.
  • Control + H activates find and replace คาสิโน.

Text Formatting
Formatting refers to how the text in your document looks as well as how it is arranged. WordPad lets you easily change the formatting in your document. For example, you can choose from many different fonts and font sizes, and you can make your text almost any colour you want. You can also easily change how your document is aligned.
Changing the font, font styles and font sizes
  1. Select the text that you want to format.
  2. Press Alt + H, then Tab 5 times to go to the font dialogue box.
  3. Choose the desired font using the up and down navigation arrows.
  4. Press Tab to the font styles dialogue box, then select a particular font style using up and down navigation arrows.
  5. Press Tab again, to go to the font size dialogue box and make your selection.
  6. Press Enter to make the changes.

Saving WordPad document
To save the word document:
  1. Press Alt + F or Control + S.
  2. Type the file name or accept the default file name.
  3. Press Shift + Tab three times or Alt + D to choose the location for the file to be saved in.
  4. When the document folder is selected for the file location, press Alt + S to save the file.
  5. Press Windows key, Tab once then arrow down.
  6. Select document or my document, press Enter.
  7. Navigate to the file that you have saved Gclub.

Printing from Wordpad
To print a document:
  1. Press Control + P to open the print dialogue box.
  2. Type the number of copies that you require.
  3. Tab to OK and press Enter.