Launching and closing applications

Opening applications
  1. Press Alt+ Tab, continue pressing the Tab key while holding down the Alt key until you are in the programme or file you want.
  2. Release the Alt key.

Note: Pressing Tab when the focus is on the desktop will move the focus from one area of windows to another. For example, from desktop to task bar to system tray etc.

By using Control + Tab, you can move the focus to another open window of an application, or between sections of dialogue boxes.
  1. Press Control + Shift + Esc.
  2. Press Control + Tab. This moves the focus to another area in the task manager.
  3. Press Esc to exit

Returning to the desktop
To quickly go to the desktop and back, do the following:
  1. Press the Windows key + M, which moves the focus to the desktop.
  2. Press Windows + D, which moves the focus back from the desktop.

Closing an application
To close an application or Window, press Alt + F4.
Using F6 function key

F6 can be used to navigate around an application. For example, to navigate around internet Explorer:
  1. Press Windows key + M to go to the desktop.
  2. Press F6 and the focus will be on Internet Explorer.
  3. Press Enter. Internet Explorer is open and the focus will be on the address bar.
  4. Press F6 until the focus is on the web page.
  5. Use Tab to navigate between the links on the web page.
  6. Press F6 again until the focus moves to the address bar.
  7. Press Alt + F4 to close Internet Explorer.